U.S. Now Leads World in CO2 Emission Reductions

10 July (C3 HEADLINES) - Thanks to fracking, U.S. carbon emissions are now lower than they were in 1995. While global warming has all but disappeared (being replaced with a slight cooling trend) the U.S. free market has been busy reducing America’s CO2 emissions tonnage.

As the below chart attests to, the U.S. leads the world’s major powers over the last 5 years.

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While Obama, the billionaire-crony Al Gores of the world, the anti-growth Democrats and the green-religion fanatics continue to literally lie about the threat of global warming and push for continuing anti-business and anti-job CO2 regulations, they have completely mislead Americans about the phenomenal success of pro-market forces arresting CO2 emissions.

Of the major economic/diplomatic/military powers listed in this chart, only the U.S. embraced new fossil fuel technologies and non-Kyoto strategies to reduce emissions.

Over the last 5 years, fracking has not only helped America to lead the world towards a smaller carbon impact, it has massively shifted the U.S. to an improved level of energy security while vastly reducing the petro-dollar funding of Islamist terrorists – a ‘win-win-win’ outcome that liberal Democrats worked extremely hard to prevent and, by god, they still do.


1. The U.S. will continue to reduce its CO2 footprint by a greater utilization of new fossil fuel technologies and free market forces

2. The vast majority of countries could also reduce their CO2 emission level/growth rate if they too embraced market forces instead of more government regulations, control and fraud that only bureaucrats and cronies love and prosper from

3. The Kyoto Protocols were an abject failure as the world’s CO2 emissions increased by some 10%+ over the last 5 years

4. Obama and the Democrats’ most recent push for more crushing, byzantine, Kyoto-type regulations/taxes on America’s industrial base will not arrest civilization’s CO2 emissions; only new fossil fuel technologies (such as fracking) and open competition will produce a smaller growth rate of human industrial/consumer CO2

5. California recently rejected the alarmist lies about fracking – the U.S. will continue to lead the world in CO2 reductions if all Americans reject the 5 great fracking lies

Additional climate charts.

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