China Arrests Man for Spreading the Same Bird Flu Panic CDC spreads in the USA

February 14, 2014

(NATURAL NEWS) – A man in central China has been arrested for social media web chats claiming that bird flu has come to his province. The detained man, known as Zhou, was cited for claiming online that a doctor in his province died of bird flu. He claimed that Yichang People’s Hospital in Hubei had lost a pregnant doctor due to the H7N9 virus. The state agency, Xinhua, also reports that Zhou has spread panic in his area, claiming that “multiple cases” of infection were found in “other regions of the province.”

The state agency stated that there have not been any official cases of humans contacting the bird flu virus and that Zhou’s postings were

“spread widely and designed to cause panic.”


untitled (10)The American government operates much differently than China in public disease prevention.  In America, it’s the government agencies spreading the panic attacks, inciting fear in people as they rush to get a flu shot. Government agencies in the US would applaud and hire a guy like Zhou to run their social media site to scare more people into compliance with flu shots. It’s a crony business practice in America, to sell flu shots using fear tactics and use the government as the rubber stamp.

Instead of presenting a rational explanation for the necessity of flu shots, agencies depict the shots as the only way to stay healthy and avoid the flu. Fear is driven into the minds of people through media outlets, only to lead people to heavy metal injections that actually damage the immune system.

There’s a better way to fight and even avoid the flu than the wide path of fear herding so many sheep in today’s medical-intervention-obsessed world. It’s an understanding, a lifestyle commitment of personal changes and awareness of what is going into the body. This understanding encompasses nutrient utilization and the avoidance of environmental toxins.


To understand the depth of this flu shot fear-mongering campaign, look no further than FluGov twitter posts, which keep subscribers updated on the many hysterical reasons to get a mercury-aluminum-formaldehyde injection.

“One-stop access to U.S. Government seasonal, H1N1, avian and pandemic flu information,”

headlines the FluGov page, which is ran by a gang of government puppets working for vaccine manufacturers.

Here’s a recent tweet from FluGov:

Flu season is here! Check out these tips to help keep yourself protected against the #flu.”

Right off the bat, people are led to believe that there is a flu season. Like spring, winter, summer or fall, flu season is considered a given, a routine, yearly event for everyone. Of course, their advice is for everyone to get an injection, but those who understand the innate powers of the immune system know better. When one understands the role of nutrition utilization, including probiotics, superfoods and herbs for immune system health, they understand that there is no flu season. There is no fear.

Here’s another one from FluGov:

“February is American Heart Month. Learn how people with #heartdisease are at greater risk for the #flu.”

Or this one:

“Are you or a family member at increased risk of getting the #flu or experiencing flu-related complications? Find out.”

The Twitter page is a constant stream of fear-mongering propaganda, coaxing people to get a flu shot. What for? Why? Do people just take orders without question? Where has real education gone concerning the human immune system?  Metals like mercury and aluminum, contained in the shots, actually suppress optimal nutrient utilization needed for immune system function. How might flu shots create a dependency for this kind of medical intervention by suppressing the immune system, little by little?


FluGov sums it up right here because Obamacare now classifies flu shots as free :

“A #flushot is your best defense against the #flu. Even if you don’t have a regular doctor you can get a flu shot.”

See a pattern here? It’s called dependency. Those in control don’t want people to know how powerful they really are, the power of their immune system, the strength of their thoughts or the power of their third eye, aka the “seat of the soul.” It’s all about control, and the idea is taught down through the ranks and enforced by money, wages and bribery. It’s a sad system in America, and it continues until people wake up and realize their true potential.

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