Is Big Pharma Building Robotic Propagandists?

March 27, 2014

Filmmaker and entrepreneur Jeff Hays describes a recent trip to San Francisco where, while waiting for a table at a popular restaurant, found himself next to a Boeing engineer in town for a robotics conference.  His comments speak for themselves.

haysjjjjjjjjjI’m in Santa Clara CA, in the San Francisco area. I just arrived last night, so I walked over to a local landmark restaurant, Birk’s. They we’re full (of course) but they could seat me at the counter. They sat me next to a lady and we started talking about my favorite subject… food.

Her name is Jenny Burke, and she was delightful.  She was in the area with her significant other to attend a conference at Stanford on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc. There were six tracks, her focus was robotics.  She’s a PhD specializing in robotics in relationship to people for Boeing. Smart.

The night before they had their closing plenary session, and a speaker from each of the 6 tracks spoke on key things they had discussed in their track.

She said the guy from the Big Data track said, “years ago there was a rogue doctor who did some fraudulent research that said vaccines cause autism. In spite of the fact that the researcher had been discredited and the study has been retracted, this “false” data has woven into our culture and many people believe this “false” study and don’t get their kids vaccinated.”

She said he went on, “so we created a social media bot that searches conversation strings in all social media for these conversations and then posts the fact that they are false and links them to the “real” data showing that vaccines are safe and don’t cause autism. So this is just one example of how we can use Big Data and bots to affect social change for good.”

Wow. And she happens to be sitting next to, of all people, me!

I had to pause and let my “mental committee” meet.  Do I say something? Do I just keep my mouth shut?  If you know me at all, you know the second option wasn’t even an option.

So we had a lively discussion of the real facts of this “rogue” Dr and his “fraudulent” study. (And the fact that Andrew Wakefield is one of the finest men I’ve ever met.)

But please don’t miss the point.  These people are at a conference about replacing humans. It’s ok, its inevitable.  She’s a psychologist at Boeing, helping them eliminate jobs and replace those jobs with robots. (This is the wave of the future, I believe we’ll eliminate a lot of jobs, but we entrepreneurs, we create more, different, better ones. But that’s a different movie.)

But now we have the brightest minds in the world, killing conversation, eliminating discussion, shutting down thinking by using massive computer bots to target moms who are worried about their children, vaccines and autism. They are using computerized bots to eliminate resistance to vaccine dogma, claiming science where none exists!  Can you imagine what the response is of a mother of a vaccine injured child who speaks out on this on Facebook and then is shut down and attacked by what appears to be a friend of a friend but is actually a computer bot?


The purpose of Bought is to create a conversation, to start the debate. If you raise this question on Facebook, Twitter or in other social media, just know that not everyone who answers is open minded, not everyone who answers is even human.

We’re almost done with this film. Please join us in finishing it, in promoting it, and being a human being and thinking for ourselves. The battle lines have been drawn. Our goal is to sidestep the battle, and force a discussion on 3 key issues of our day: Big Pharma and their reach and effect on our health, the truth about vaccine safety, efficacy and dangers, and the effect of GMOs on our health and our world. Will you please join us in making sure this happens?



Although Congress repealed the ban against the use of propaganda against US citizens last year, the US gov’t has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on “social marketing” (once called propaganda) to push deadly vaccines, and drugs for years.  The DHHS, CDC, and NIH contract with social marketing companies, posting disclaimers and denying responsibility about the content posted by social marketing companies like DANYA, AIR, and EDELMAN.  These companies and others were built in the aftermath of WWII to utilize what the gov’t learned about propaganda between 1914~1945.  These reports (2) provide some recent examples about how the propaganda is deployed.  Boeing and many naïve and well-meaning engineers are building technologies that will be used by US Gov’t contractors to target Americans and silence free speech.

For more information, visit  OMSJ has contributed to the making of this documentary and hope that you do too!  You can make a modest donation at IndiGoGo.

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