Bill Gates Hires Pharma-Propagandist to Attack Vaccine Skeptics, Parents

August 28, 2012

28 Aug (Cold Reality News Report) – Here is the direct quote from Bill Gates’ grant-award machine:  Seth Kalichman in USA will establish an Internet-based global monitoring and rapid alert system for finding, analyzing, and counteracting communication campaigns containing misinformation regarding vaccines to support global immunization efforts.

This means the attack is on.  Gates intends to do a surveillance operation across the Internet and locate anti-vaccine advocates. His minions will then undertake a counter-insurgency campaign to neutralize them. How does such an operation work? I’ll tell you how it works: “This writer has no medical credentials.” “This writer is spreading dangerous information that will harm children.” “This filmmaker tells lies about the most important medical technology the world has ever seen.” “The evidence for vaccination is overwhelming, and this writer is operating out of the Dark Ages.”

Bill Gates

And that’s just the nice stuff. “This writer was once an MD, but it’s been said he gave up his practice after several patients made complaints to the medical board. Now he spends all his time attacking vaccines. He’s a criminal menace.”  “Don’t read anything by this writer. He’s obviously mentally ill. He wants you to stop vaccinating your children, so they can catch life-threatening diseases.”

And it will go downhill and get nastier from there.  This is Nixon’s dirty-tricks war all over again. But instead of having a few million dollars in a slush fund, Gates has billions at his disposal. He’s going to use surrogates to do his work for him, so it will be difficult, in many cases, to know where the attacks are coming from. That’s how cowards operate. They slink around behind the scenes and let other people do the heavy lifting. The last thing they want is an honest and open debate about the issue itself. That would expose them. The truth would expose them.

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