Autism – One Mother’s Story

July 6, 2011

My name is Mary Ann Puckett.  I am a retired special education teacher, an author of a book on autism, and the mother of a 29 year old autistic son named Stephen.

Mary Ann Puckett

In my book I describe why I believe Stephen  was vaccine-damaged by Thimerosal.  Stephen had a severe reation to his first DPT vaccine. Immediately after the vaccine was given, he began crying and could not be consoled for 24 hours.  His temperature rose to levels as high as 104 degrees at times, even after giving him Tylenol as recommended.


Shortly after this we began noticing he would have episodes of trembling.  This happened several times a day. When I discussed my concern about this with the pediatrician, he only said, “Don’t worry about it.  You’re an over-reactive mother.”  I believe that Stephen was having Infantile Spasms. He is now diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome which is a very difficult form of epilepsy. He is currently on 3 seizure meds and still has seizures. 

From very early in life, Stephen began having repeated sinus and ear infections. This appears to be a common thread with children who have autism.  Over the years, I have met many parents who share similar stories about their child.  Stephen’s  infections were ongoing and he was at times placed on low dose antibiotics for months at a time.

In 1991, I was desperate to find a way to get him off of antibiotics. Stephen’s medical doctor said she believed that Stephen carried a low-grade staff infection all the time. The minute he finished a round of antibiotics the infections were back within a few days.

I discussed this with an elderly neighbor who told me about a treatment she received in the 1950’s to stop her constant infections. She said she wished “old Dr. Gee” was still alive because he cured her infections with something called a bacteriophage. There are many different kinds of phages but the one she was treated with was called Staphage Lysate. The word phage in Greek is the word phago which means to eat. 

As it turned out, Dr. Gee’s widow just happened to live next door to a friend and I was able to get her phone number.  Mrs. Gee was an RN and had been a nurse in her husband’s practice for many years.

When I called Mrs. Gee and mentioned that I was seeking information on Staphage Lysate, she responded by saying, “Honey, it was a miracle cure but I don’t think you can get it anymore.”  She said they used to order SPL from Delmont Laboratories in Swarthmore PA and suggested I call them to see if the phage was still available.

When I contacted Delmont Lab a technician said that it was interesting that I would call about SPL because they were actually doing human trials with it again at that time.  He said that SPL would boost the immune system and could also cure herpes.

I gave this information to Stephen’s medical doctor and she was more than willing to call Delmont Lab to find out more about the treatment. She then ordered some for Stephen and began administering the vaccine as directed.

Within weeks of receiving SPL, Stephen was off of antibiotics and was well for the first time in his life.

Unfortunately, the FDA pulled SPL for human use in 1994.  This was very disappointing because SPL is cost effective to produce and has no known side effects.  The best part is that it works.

According to two of her biographies, it saved Elizabeth Taylor’s life when she was on a breathing tube in London and was reportedly dying from pneumonia in 1961.  Several vials of SPL were flown from Delmont Lab and administered to Ms. Taylor and she survived. 

Phages occur in nature which means that pharmaceuticals cannot patent them.  Patents are the life blood of the drug industry. 

Two years ago, I contacted Grace Filby who hosts a blog called ‘Amazing Phage’.  Ms. Filby is a Science Ambassador for the UK and her blog has a plethura of info on the life saving phages.  In 2007 Ms. Filby’s research on phages was funded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, which afforded her the opportunity to visit clinics in Poland and The Republic of Georgia, along the Russian border, where phage treatment is still available.  She said that the dedicated nurses and doctors in those clinics are saving lives and limbs on a daily basis.

In 2008 Ms. Filby received the Silver Medallion Award for her research on phage treatment. The award was presented to her by Winston Churchill’s daughter, Lady Soames.  

A woman from Panama City, FL contacted me through Ms. Filby in 2009 to tell me how SPL had saved her life.

She reported that she had gone into the hospital in FL for a minor procedure and developed three deadly infections, including MRSA.  Doctors said that she was “antibiotic resistant” and to get her affairs in order because she was going to die. She said they even sent in grief counselors to talk with her.

She said she was 24 and did not accept what the doctors had said.  She asked a friend to get on a computer to see if there might be anything else to be done to save her life.  As it turned out they found information on the clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia that treated with phages.  She said she checked out of the hospital and flew to Tbilisi, Georgia where her life was saved.

She said to me, “I am alive to tell my story.”

In my book, ‘Take Him Home and Love Him/ A Story of Autism and How to Cope with It,’  I ask the medical community to take a second look at phage treatment and question why it was put on hold.

Ms. Filby and I now work to get the word out on this treatment that will reportedly also cure Ecoli, and C-Diff.  Please take the time to view Ms. Filby’s site to learn much more about bacteriophages.

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