Another Life Destroyed by HIV Diagnosis

March 21, 2015

Bobby Russell was misdiagnosed as having HIV for 8 years. He took the HIV Drugs, due to the doctors recommendations for almost a decade (these have very toxic effects on the entire body) only to find out that the hospital and doctors made a very BIG mistake – he was in fact NOT HIV positive.



During this period of his life, Bobby’s family stopped talking to him and many others ended their friendship with him. He also felt incredibly ashamed of himself – because that’s what HIV diagnoses do – it makes you feel like the worst, dirty person and when others around you stop talking to you, its like they cement those feelings.

Personally I can think of nothing worse than what Bobby went through. He also planned on becoming a father, but when he was ‘diagnosed’, it obviously wasn’t something he could do.

Now it is probably too late for him to have children – think about that just for a minute – the impact it would have that you couldn’t have children due to a diagnoses such as HIV -then you find out a huge chunk of your life stripped away all because of a BIG mistake. 

His life has been turned upside down and Bobby very rightly wants to sue the hospital and doctors involved. I WANT HIM TOO AS WELL!

I am SO sick of hearing these tragic stories where the medical industry has ruined someone’s life.

It’s time for them to pay.

Yes, its wonderful news that Bobby does NOT have HIV, but this is not the end of his problem, in fact, it may be just the beginning because his current state of health is in peril, due to being on medication he simply did not need. Think about it if you were in his shoes – think about having your whole life destroyed – all because of some very serious mistakes made by people who are supposed to give us the very best care.

I’ve done some research into HAART medications, and they are NOT for the faint hearted, they can destroy liver function and affect the gut.

Bobby’s health is in danger BECAUSE of the drugs and NOT from HIV. Bobby has some various serious healing to take place, and this is where we can come and help him. Please donate to his fund, he NEEDS to a) get well b) sue the people that made a very big mistake.  Please please, try and donate even a little amount if thats all you can do, and please share Bobby’s story. Its one of the most shocking I have come across. I want him to fight and WIN his case!  I want him to be able to afford the supplements he needs to repair the damage these drugs have done. Check out the media coverage at