An Interview With OMSJ Director Clark Baker

November 4, 2010

3 Nov – Luke is Back (LIB) is not a publication that I ever imagined would interview me.  As the leading website for the “adult film industry,” it’s hard to imagine why the director of an investigative agency would be interviewed.  But after months of pressure from AIDS activists to force actors to wear condoms, LIB’s Jeremy Steele decided that OMSJ might have something to say about the controversy.   The interview and subsequent dust-up (comments) are well worth reading and the website should be commended for not removing the controversial interview:

JS: Why do you call HIV clinicians “CLERICS”?

CB:  Because that’s what they are.  While good science speaks for itself, HIV clinicians and experts expect us to BELIEVE what they say about HIV and AIDS.  BELIEF and FAITH are theological exercises that have nothing to do with real science.  If you BELIEVE them, you’ll BELIEVE that you’re HIV+ and you’ll take the deadly drugs like bread and wine.

The complete interview and comments are posted at Luke is