African Children Vaccinated at Gunpoint

July 10, 2011

Apparently there is no respect for religious freedom or parental rights when it comes to vaccination practices in Malawi. According to a recent article in “The Malawi Voice,” written by Mike Langa-Lulanga, members of several religious groups who do not believe in medications of any kind recently took their children across the Malawi border into Mozambique to protect their children during an MMR vaccination drive in their country.

Norma Erickson
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Shortly after returning to their home, approximately 131 children were rounded up by local health authorities with police escorts and vaccinated at gunpoint.

In a related incident, the caretaker of three orphans was sentenced to 24 months at hard labor for ‘endangering life by failing to supply the necessities of life to a person under one’s care without lawful excuse.’ His crime? He refused the free MMR vaccine for the three orphans he took into his home and was raising as though they were his own children.

Let’s ignore the principles of informed consent outlined in the Nuremburg Code. Let’s ignore the fact that it is a parent’s right – no, it is a parent’s responsibility to protect their children and keep them safe. Let’s even ignore the fact that all medications, including vaccines carry some risk for some individuals, particularly in countries without adequate sanitation and/or access to nutritional foods. What is going to happen to these three orphans while their caretaker serves his sentence?

Are they part of the collateral damage that seems to be acceptable to protect the concept of ‘herd immunity’? Will they be allowed to starve on the streets of Malawi? Is this an acceptable medical practice to ‘protect the herd?’

And what about the practice of vaccination at gunpoint? Does anyone really believe it cannot happen in so-called ‘developed’ countries? Check out the Pandemic Response Project. All it takes in a ‘developed’ country to institute vaccination at gunpoint and/or forced quarantine at health ‘authority’ discretion is the declaration of a national health emergency – similar to the swine flu ‘pandemic’ declared by the World Health Organization last year – to suspend all of your personal rights and allow your governments to force vaccinations in the ‘interest of public health and safety.’

If you truly believe it cannot happen in your state or country, just do a Google search on emergency health preparedness. Check the rules/laws already in place for your location. You decide whether your government has overstepped its bounds or not.

If the tactics employed recently in Malawi are allowed to stand without protest from medical consumers around the world, they will be the same tactics used in your neighborhood soon. It is up to you!

The latest US vaccine scam is posted here.

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