Healthcare for seniors – how can this issue be addressed? Is it advisable for seniors to exercise? Does mental exercise have an effect? Is it useful for the health of seniors to cultivate hobbies? Does the diet of seniors need to be changed in any way? Which dietary supplements should be taken? How to take care of your health after 60 – read the whole thing and find the answers to all your questions!

What is good for the health of seniors? How can you look after the health of older people?
It is possible to maintain the health of older people if they bring a little self-discipline into their lives. Health is influenced by exercise, rest, eating and drinking properly and taking vitamins and supplements.

Take care of your mental health

Older people should stimulate their brain to work.

The number of synapses in the brain depends on us – anyone can have a functioning mind if they spend enough time exercising their mind. Seniors should exercise their minds to avoid a decline in connections between neurons. To quote Leonardo da Vinci, „As iron rusts through inactivity and water spoils or freezes through cold, so the mind deteriorates without exercise.”

Take care of your mental health

Solving crossword puzzles (letter and digital puzzles) or playing chess are enough to keep the brain in shape. There are also free brain teasers for older people on the internet, such as „Name at least 15 six-letter words that start with the letter K”.

Develop passions, discover new hobbies
Developing passions also has a positive effect on seniors’ health. One might even be tempted to say that this is a recipe for longevity. Developing old interests and discovering new hobbies can give seniors a „second life” and make them feel alive. There’s something magical about starting a new day with enthusiasm, energy and a readiness for new challenges – something seniors desperately need.

The list of hobby ideas for seniors could be endless. They could take photographs, sculpt, paint, do handicrafts, read or write their own stories, plant a garden, grow vegetables or flowers, visit local sights and travel abroad, preferably in a group of their peers. Nothing prevents people without health contraindications from trying their hand at dancing, e.g. Zumba for seniors or ballroom dancing.

Playing an instrument of your choice, singing in a choir, learning languages, yoga, board games, trying out new recipes, attending cooking classes or even internet activities and blogging – it’s never too late to try these things! Seniors in their sixties finally have more time to live and experience life without the hustle and bustle of everyday life – it’s worth making good use of this time and supplying the body with endorphins in the process.

Regular physical activity

Exercise is important at any age, but for people over 60 it is especially important to find a form of exercise that suits them – a form of physical activity that maintains their vitality and well-being.

Sometimes seniors hide behind the excuse that „exercise is not for them” and that it’s too late for all kinds of activities.Nothing could be further from the truth! A healthy lifestyle really does benefit everyone.Just walking and exercising in the fresh air improves circulation, strengthens the heart and the entire musculature.