Carrots, Sticks & Useful Idiots

April 29, 2010

In December 2007, Merkuri Stanback entered the Park Community Federal Credit Union in Macon, Georgia brandishing a firearm. Stanback and his cohorts restrained employees and ransacked the teller area before making off with almost $200K.  When Stanback was arrested, a prosecutor declared that “bank robbers should be put on notice that they will serve the full term of years imposed because there is no parole in the federal system.”

Had prosecutors released Stanback and his loot with a $5,000 fine, we could appreciate the deal that AstraZeneca received this week.  The pharmaceutical giant paid a $520 million fine for bribing doctors into illegally prescribing a psychotropic drug that causes suicidal and homicidal ideation, weight gain, depression, nightmares, cancer, high blood pressure, and other deadly diseases.  The fact that pharmaceutical executives paid a small fraction of their profits to avoid prison for a scheme that injured thousands and generated more than $4 billion for the company in 2009 is not unusual.

To equal AstraZeneca’s crimes, Mr. Stanback would have had to pistol-whip every teller during the commission of nearly 40,000 robberies.  And while Stanback exposed a few people to threats and violence, adverse drug reactions (ADR) typically injure or kill millions of Americans every year.

Carrots & Sticks

UMKC law professor William Black defines a “criminogenic environment” as a culture that spreads disease.  To exist, the environment is cultivated and controlled by executives who provide politicians and regulators millions of dollars in compensation and other financial perks.  Eventually, the perversion drives honesty from the market.  Says Black:

We now have the entitlement generation as CEOs. They just plain feel entitled to being wealthy as Croesus with no responsibility, no accountability. They have become literal sociopaths.  (To end this), you (must) clean up business schools, which right now are fraud factories… (bold added)

Nathan Geffen manages pharmaceutical propaganda for South Africa's "Treatment Action Campaign"

Although Professor Black was describing the relationship between universities and the current US financial market, one cannot ignore the criminogenic environment that permeates a pharmaceutical industry that has spent more than $7 billion to settle scores of criminal and civil complaints since 2004.

To perpetrate these scams, companies like AstraZeneca deploy an army of pharmaceutical marketers who find an increasing number of cash-strapped physicians who are willing to poison their own patients to pay the bills.  But while some marketers bribe physicians with financial carrots, others drive honest scientists away with sticks.

Like the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) and other South African hate groups, AIDSTruth and Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) promote the mining- and pharmaceutically-funded myth that HIV spread to humans after black Africans (derisively called kaffir) made contact with monkeys.  Although the AWB openly advocates the extermination of black Africans, AIDSTruth and TAC propagandists use the pretext of civil rights and AIDS to target, poison and kill their quarry with drugs.  Independent witnesses corroborate how the mining industry avoids billions of dollars in liability by blaming the sexual behaviors of their cheap black labor force

AWB is a South African extremist paramilitary group

Unsurprisingly, the industry that routinely spends billions to settle criminal complaints pay goons like Jeanne Bergman, Richard Jefferys, Seth Kalichman, John Moore and Nathan Geffen to push carcinogens to pregnant black women knowing that drugs like Nevirapine kill healthy black pregnant women. 

So when investigative reporter Celia Farber reported the death, these same goons issued this hit-piece to defend their criminogenic relationships.  Led by Robert Gallo whose own research is riddled by incompetence and scientific misconduct, the mining- and pharmaceutically-funded report was issued by South Africa’s varsity hit squad that includes Nathan Geffen, who’s scientific and investigative background is commensurate with the part-time security guard and filter salesman who rewrote Gallo’s career.  Although Gallo’s attack upon Ms. Farber was exposed as propaganda, the expose’ was no match for the drug industry’s multi-billion dollar propaganda machine.

The fact that fraud factories and useful idiots like Nick Kontaratos, Jeanne Bergman and Nathan Geffen share the same criminogenic relationships one thing.  But for them to accuse the only uncorrupted scientist on campus of not disclosing a brief relationship that ended in 2006 redefines perversion.  But then what can we expect from criminogenic relationships and South African hate groups.